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Freegames-24.com is a website which hosts Flash and HTML5 games created by developers who allow their code to be embedded on other sites like ours for free. No membership is required and there is no cost to play. Our games are free for you to enjoy.

We have recently undertaken a redesign of our site. We felt the old layout was outdated and did not cater for rapidly changing technology or the growing online gaming market in general. Our highly skilled and experienced IT professional who provides us with specialist programming services has transitioned Freegames-24 to a new, modern platform which will allow us greater flexibility as we expand.

Freegames-24 now includes eight games categories which you can access from any page on the site. We set up a Search facility so you can find your favourite game quickly and easily. Each game is easier to identify and remember now that we have added the game title below the game icon. Links to Facebook, Google+ and YouTube allow you to engage with your friends and share your experiences.

We have included mobile-friendly games as part of our redesign to cater for the growing popularity of mobile devices. While Flash games are still very popular, we recognise many people like to play games on the go. Freegames-24 now also includes many HTML5 games for you to enjoy on any mobile device, wherever you are.

We would like to make freegames-24 the best games site on the internet and want you to enjoy the experience you have with us. We plan to add new games regularly and will continue to showcase the games you like to play. Your feedback is always welcome.

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