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Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liabilities

Subject to your non-exclusion rights, FreeGames24 disclaims all conditions and warranties to the fullest extent permissible under the laws. Nothing on this website, including the process and procedures, advice, suggestion, recommendation and communication with the support executives or collaborating partners shall create any kinds of express or implied warranties, rights, representations, or conditions that have not been specifically mentioned in this agreement.

Subject to the applicable laws, you should acknowledge and consent that:

  • The Service, including the games/apps, gaming features, and contests/promotional offers on this website or the Partner Websites shall be provided on as is and as available criteria. The Service does not create any implicit or explicit warranties of security, suitability for children or otherwise, ease of playing, winning chances and faultless operation of software, gaming platform, or related apps/devices offered on the website.
  • FreeGames24 shall not be liable any fraudulent user and his/her unsolicited behaviour, activities or infringements on this website or the Partner Websites, irrespective of his/her registration status or participation in any gaming contest/promotional offer being organized/sponsored by FreeGames24.
  • You shall bear all the risks that may be involved in accessing FreeGames24 and using the Service over the Internet. FreeGames24 shall not be liable for any phishing or hacking attempt, misuse of your identity or information, and unauthorized access to your device in relation to your use of the Service on this website or the Partner-Websites.
  • Nothing in this Agreement shall create any kinds of express or implied guarantee, including but not limited any representation of credibility, authenticity, reliability, availability, and suitability of the games/apps, gaming platform, and related information, accessories, applications, features, services, contests, and promotional offers.
  • Nothing in this Agreement shall create any kinds of express or implied guarantee that downloaded games/apps will be free from harmful viruses, or the errors and omissions will be quickly corrected, and interruptions will be promptly restored.
  • Nothing in this Agreement shall create any kinds of express or implied guarantee or representation of any kind regarding the accuracy, authenticity, reliability, timeliness, completeness or suitability of hints/clues in the game, or the availability of required information/content on the pop-ups, forums and social media platforms being managed or sponsored by FreeGames24 or its collaborating partners.
  • FreeGames24 shall not be liable for your inability to comply with the game developer’s/distributor’s requirements for winnings/prizes, irrespective of any breakage or malfunctioning of the device, suspension of account, interruption in the device/network, or other circumstances that prevent you from sharing your winnings on the social media or fulfilling other requirements.

FreeGames24 shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect, major or minor, exemplary or special damages, including but not limited to goodwill, credibility, other intangible losses, financial loss, reduced profits, and loss of data, that may arise due to your ability or inability to use the Service. This indemnity includes the gaming platform, contests, promotional offers, and related apps, devices or any kinds of information/resources being provided on this site. Notwithstanding, the fact that such liabilities occurred due to any negligence of duty, breach of contract, tort, strict liability or omissions on the part of FreeGames24, and the possibility of such loss, damage or claim was already conveyed to it.


If any provision of this agreement becomes redundant or declared void by the courts with competent authority, the affected clause or section shall be replaced by new provisions in the true spirit of the impugned clause or section, and the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.

If FreeGames24 is unable to enforce strict compliance of this Agreement or decides to ignore any non-compliance in light of certain events or circumstances, it shall never constitute a waiver of its right to demand exact compliance, as mentioned in this Agreement, for any subsequent violations.

Applicable Laws

The Terms and Conditions herein shall be explicated in consideration of the applicable laws in Australia. The person(s) or entities to this Agreement shall submit before the jurisdiction of the courts in Australia. In case you are accessing FreeGames24 or using the Service from outside Australia, it shall be the responsibility of the participant to ensure that they are not violating any local, state or federal laws by doing so.

Disputes Resolution

The parties to this agreement shall consent to resolve all issues through mutual negotiations and waive their rights to seek consequential, punitive and exemplary damages against the other party. If the users or other stakeholders are unable to resolve their dispute with FreeGames24, the aggrieved party to such dispute shall be allowed file a binding arbitration under the commercial rules of the Australian Institute for Commercial Association. However, the arbitrator’s right shall be limited to contractual damages, declaratory relief and additional expenses in lieu of attorney fees and other costs.

The parties to this agreement will be free to move any court to enforce the decision of the arbitrator, but nothing in this section shall prevent the other party from obtaining preliminary or permanent injunctive relief in any court with competent jurisdiction.

Changes to this Agreement

FreeGames24 shall be entitled to edit, modify, append or replace this Agreement at any time, with or without giving prior notice for such modifications. When any changes occur, FreeGames24 will take appropriate measures to notify you, and once notified, the modified Agreement will become effective, superseding all previous versions of this agreement unless any earlier versions, or parts of it, have been retained. Continued access to www.freegames-24.com or use of the Service shall be deemed as your acceptance of the modified agreement.

General Conditions

The Service shall be provided ‘as is’ and ‘as available.’ You should bear all the risks that may be involved in accessing/using the Service over the Internet.

FreeGames24 may engage third party game developers, distributors, and service providers or collaborate with vendors and hosting partners to ensure the availability of required software, storage, hardware, and networking or other devices/technologies that are needed to run the Service effectively.

You must refrain from all kinds of unauthorized activities and never try to hack, adapt or modify the Service, by using any known or yet to be discovered technologies.

You should never try or impersonate others or do anything to represent yourself or another website as a subsidiary, affiliate or associate of FreeGames24 unless you are authorized to do so.

You should never copy, extract, duplicate, reproduce, and exploit the Service in any form or manner, in whole or parts thereof, or access/use the Service unless you are authorized to do so.

Any kinds of abuse, including but not limited to verbal, written and physical abuse or threats/retribution of such abuse to any user, employee or officer, or posting content that is abusive, defamatory, obscene, slanderous, hateful, threatening, harassing, and embarrassing, or promote bigotry, racism, hatred, or inflict emotional or physical harm to any individual or group, as determined by FreeGames24, will result in immediate blockage of access to the Service.

FreeGames24 may edit, remove or refuse to publish/transmit any content that infringes upon other’s intellectual property rights or violates any laws, and even prevent such users from accessing the Service in its sole discretion, but FreeGames24 shall have no such obligations unless it becomes aware of such violations.

If FreeGames24 believes or becomes aware at any point that your usage of the Service significantly exceeds than the average usage of other customers, it may temporarily block/disable your access to the Service. No such blockage will take place unless your usage negatively impacts the System or interferes with the fair usage of other participants, as determined by FreeGames24. However, FreeGames24 reserves a right to block users without any further notice.

You should acknowledge that the processing and performance of the Service may involve unencrypted data transmissions across servers in different region or countries (networks), including your content that may be changed/adapted to comply with the technical requirements of such networks and devices.

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