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Welcome to www.freegames-24.com (hereafter called FreeGames24), where you can find the most exciting free games in different genres. This Terms and Conditions Agreement will govern all matters that may arise in relation to access of the free games directory or use of related apps/services, including the gameplay and rewards for playing or winning such games, if any. If you have any reservations or are not satisfied with these terms and conditions, you may stop accessing FreeGames24 at any time, purge all the downloaded games/content and discontinue its Service.

Access to FreeGames24 and use of its free games directory, apps/games, forums, and social media platforms on this website or the Partner-Websites (referred to as the Service) are free and voluntary. Only authorized users are allowed to download any game/apps, play games online or take part in any contest or promotional offers that may be organized on this website, or the websites of its collaborating partners. Electronic acceptance shall be sufficient to create a legally binding agreement with FreeGames24 and clicking continuation to the site, I Agree, or related buttons/syntaxes on any part of this website or the interface of your mobile device will be deemed as your physical signature and bind you to this agreement.

Accessing FreeGames24 or using the Service being made available on this website or the websites of its collaborating partners, subsidiaries, affiliates and game developers/distributors (collectively referred as Partner-Websites) shall be considered your consent to enter this agreement. When you use FreeGames24, its free games directory, download/play any game online, take part in any contests or promotional offers being made available on FreeGames24 or the Partner-Websites, it shall be agreed that you have attained the legal maturity to play games online. If you have not reached legal age, then you are accessing/using the Service under the supervision and guidance of your guardians who thereby enter this agreement on your behalf. It shall be the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure that their children are not involved in any underage gaming/betting activities or illegal or infringing material for their particular country.

These Terms and Conditions shall be deemed as part of your entire agreement with FreeGames24, including but not limited to the Privacy Policy, User Licenses and additional Agreements that you may enter for downloading/playing any game or participating in any contest/promotional offer being made available on FreeGames24 or the Partner-Websites. This agreement will apply in its entirety. There is no option to choose any individual clause and/or redefine the terms of this agreement. Any lack of consistency between the provisions of this Agreement and other Agreements, User Licenses, and the process and procedures, the relevant provisions of this Agreement shall prevail. In case, any provision is inconsistent with the applicable laws in your jurisdiction, the applicable laws shall prevail over this Agreement.

All matters arising out of your use and access to FreeGames24 or use of its free games directory and related features, services, gaming platforms, contests, promotional offers, apps, forums, social media platforms or other accessible sections of the website shall be governed by these Terms and Conditions. However, nothing in this agreement will protect the contracting parties from the legal implications of fraud and unauthorized activities on www.freegames-24.com or the Partner-Websites. Your access to FreeGames24 or use of its Service without entering this Agreement shall be deemed as unauthorized activity.

FreeGames24 shall be entitled to determine the process and procedures for use of its Service, including but not limited to your access to its free games directory, downloading/playing any game, participating in any gaming contest/promotional offer or using its apps, gaming platforms, forums, social media platforms and other features/services being made available on this website or the Partner-Websites.

All disclosures, notices and communications in matters related to your access to FreeGames24, or use of the Service shall take place in digital format, retaining the same legal sanctity as communicated in writing.

FreeGames24 shall be entitled to monitor your activities on the website or review your use of the Service, including any accessible section of the website or the Partner-Websites. If FreeGames24 believe or become aware at any point that you have violated any provision of this agreement/relevant laws, it may block your access to the website/Service, purge your content, forfeit your winnings/claimed prizes, if any, and prevent you from using the Service in the future. In such cases, it shall be accepted that you have authorized FreeGames24 to take proactive measures and disclose any information, content, recorded messages and communications to relevant authorities or third parties at its sole discretion.

It is your duty and liability to ensure that you are authorized to access this website and use the Service, or take part in such gaming contests/promotional offers in your home country without violation of any local, state or federal laws.

Access to the Service

You can access this free games directory or use the Service from any part of the world, but it shall be your responsibility to ensure that you are allowed to access FreeGames24 and use the Service in your jurisdiction, and by doing so, you are not violating any local, state or federal laws.

Your access to FreeGames24 and use of the Service, including the Application Program Interface (API) and related platforms shall be free and voluntary, but all such use shall be governed this Agreement. You are not sanctioned to use any kinds of third party application, service or technologies, including jailbreak on devices or other hacks that interfere with the API or affect the gameplay in any manner, unless such uses are authorized by the respective game developers/distributors who own the rights to the game.

If FreeGames24 believes or becomes aware that you are involved in any kinds of abuse of the Service, API or related platforms, as determined by FreeGames24, it may temporarily or permanently block your access to the Service and prevent any further use of its Service on the website or the Partner-Websites.

Use of the Service

The users are not required to register on the website for downloading/playing any game listed on the free games directory. However, certain features will be available to subscribers only. No fees will be charged for subscribing to the Service.

The game plan and features of the games/apps listed in the free games will be decided by the Terms and Conditions of the respective game developer/distributor. You should acknowledge that FreeGames24 is not providing its services as the developer or distributor of the games. It is merely providing a free games directory where you can find your favourite games and download/play them online. However, all such downloads or use of the listed game shall be subject to the terms and conditions of respective game developer/distributor. Please review their terms and policies before downloading or playing any third party game/app listed on the free games directory.

FreeGames24 will not be liable for any loss, damages or claims, whether direct or indirect, that may arise due to your access, downloading or use of any game/app listed on the free games directory. You will bear all the risks that may be involved in downloading/playing the games on freegames-24.com.

Prize and Payment

No claims for any prize or rewards shall be entertained unless you have been duly approved for participation in any contest/promotional offer being organised/sponsored by FreeGames24.

You should acknowledge that FreeGames24 provides a directory of free games without being a party to your relationship with the game developers/distributors. All claims for prize or rewards for winning a game/gaming contest shall be subject to the respective game developer/distributor’s terms and conditions and directly entertained by such providers.
When you win any reward/prize, FreeGames24 shall be entitled to use your name and social media profile for promoting its free games directory, gaming platform or other services in any media. FreeGames24 may publish/display its ads in the auto-generated messages or use the Service for promoting its business.

In case, you win any contest / promotional offer being organized/sponsored by FreeGames24, no payout shall be made unless your bank account/payment instrument information is received and its authenticity verified. Once the submitted payment information is authenticated, the prize money will be credited to that bank account/payment instrument. However, FreeGames24 will not be liable for any hold, restrictions or limitations imposed by the banks, financial institutions, government or the courts with competent jurisdiction. It shall be the winner’s responsibility to ensure that they are legally authorized to receive their prize money through the submitted bank account/payment instrument.

FreeGames24 shall be entitled to change any winner’s prize amount, suspend any transfer to their submitted payment instruments and initiate a reversal of funds in cases where such reversals are necessary due to any claims, excessive payouts, dispute settlements, government or court orders, or other suspected/unauthorized activities on this website.

FreeGames24 shall be entitled to investigate any errors and omissions in such transactions and automatically reconcile the errors or discrepancies in any winner’s payouts.

The winners should be allowed to use any payment instrument, including the bank account, PayPal, Stripe, and Wire transfers, provided that such payment instruments are available on the Service, and the winners are allowed to use the payment instrument in their jurisdiction.

Copyright and Content Ownership

All content, including the logos, trademarks, service marks, logos, graphics, applications, service names and the entire website presentation is fully protected by Australia copyright laws and international conventions. You should never try to copy, replicate, extract, or imitate any portion of the HTML, CSS, Script, or visual design elements without obtaining written permission from FreeGames24. You should always respect the copyrights and trade/service marks of the game developers, distributors, and other service providers, who contribute to the Service.

When you submit any content on the Service, it shall be deemed that you have granted FreeGames24 a non-exclusive copyright over your submitted content, including the messages and communications that you may share on the platform or social media sites. FreeGames24 shall be entitled to modify, transfer, distribute, share or use the submitted content for its business promotion.

FreeGames24 shall be entitled to use your submitted ideas, suggestions and feedback, in any form or manner, without creating any kinds of obligation to you.

FreeGames24 reserves a right to monitor and review your activities/posted content on the Service, without any obligation to do so. If FreeGames24 believes or becomes aware at any pointed that posted/communicated content don’t comply with its policies, it may refuse to edit or remove/refuse to publish or transmit such communications in its sole discretion.

Modifications to the Service

FreeGames24 shall be entitled to modify, discontinue or replace the Service, in whole or parts thereof, and change or rectify any gaming feature, including the prize or rewards in any gaming contest or promotional offer in its sole discretion, and without giving any prior notice before such modifications.

Nothing on this website shall make FreeGames24 liable to you or any third party regarding any suspension, modification or discontinuance of the Service, in whole or parts thereof, including the free games directory, gaming-platform, contests, promotional offers and related games/apps, forums, social media or other features/services being provided on this website or the Partner-Websites.


You shall indemnify FreeGames24 and hold its collaborating partners, subsidiaries, affiliates, service providers, agents, executives, and employees harmless against all liabilities, claims, damages or expenses that may arise due to:

  • Your access to this free games directory or use of the Service, including your participation in gaming contests and promotional offers, when applicable.
  • Your violation of this Agreement or any relevant law in your jurisdiction.
  • Your infringement of other’s/third party rights, including their intellectual property and copyrights.
  • Your use or misuse of the Service, covering the gaming platform, forums, social media and other features, services, contests or promotional offers being made available on this website.


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